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Evaluation of Cyclic Performance of Seesaw Energy Dissipation System with Slit Damper

Volume 7, Issue 2, September 2023, Pages 46-70

Hossein Beheshti Nezhad; Farzad Hajirezaei; Abbasali Sadeghi

Seismic Retrofitting of Masonry Walls with Different Arrangement of Brick by Using a Mortar Joint Technique

Volume 5, Issue 2, September 2021, Pages 17-35

Hamid Saberi; Vahid Saberi; Ali Hoseinzadeh; Abbasali Sadeghi

Investigation the Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Steel and FRP Rebars Strengthened by CFRP Laminates

Volume 4, Issue 3, December 2020, Pages 1-24

Ali Abdolahi; Vahid Saberi; Hamid Saberi; Abbasali Sadeghi

Cyclic Performance Assessment of Rehabilitated Concrete Frames with Different Arrangement of FRP

Volume 4, Issue 2, September 2020, Pages 58-74

Esmaeil Ram; Vahid Saberi; Hamid Saberi; Amirmohamad Ram; Amirhossein Ram; Abbasali Sadeghi

The Post-Buckling Behavior Analysis of Frame by Elastica Method

Volume 4, Issue 1, June 2020, Pages 1-20

Mohammadreza Rokhi Shahri; Reza Zia Tohidi; Abbasali Sadeghi; Seyede Vahide Hashemi; Kourosh Mehdizadeh