Investigating some Mismatches of the Architectural, Structural and Equipment phases with the Execution phase of Construction Projects and Examining a number of Executive Problems

Document Type : Review


Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Zand, Shiraz, Iran


Nowadays, due to increasing construction in the country, especially in metropolises and problems arising during the implementation of construction projects, there is a need for coordination between the architect in design, the structural engineer in the design of the structure and the installation engineer in the design of the installation phases and Collaboration with these engineers in different phases is increasingly felt. In many parts of the world, all phases of architecture, structures, and installations continue to work as part of a design team and along with the implementation phase, to address deficiencies, while there is less coordination in our country. And once the drawings of each phase have been finalized, the relevant phase engineer imagines his work to be completed and no longer assumes responsibility for his design work at runtime. In the meantime, the Supervisor Engineer and the Project Development Team, due to the lack of access to the Design Engineers, have a taste for the problems that may arise, sometimes causing greater engineering and safety damage. This study attempts to show some of the discrepancies between the phases and the discrepancies between engineers at the time of project implementation and some performance issues.


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