Demolition of Post-tensioned Segmental Bridges using Reverse Engineering Method

Document Type : Original Article


1 M.Sc. of Engineering and Construction Mnagement, Project Manager

2 M.Sc. of Structural Engineering, Master of Research and Development Unit

3 M.Sc. of Engineering and Construction Management, Head of Research and Development Unit


Demolition is mainly related to environmental sustainability, and since demolition creates a new life cycle for materials, the demolition of dilapidated and old buildings helps reduce the need to use new resources. Demolition engineering is a science in which we destroy structures with the necessary planning and supervision and ensuring safety, also called demolition engineering, reverse construction. Sometimes, due to the reverse engineering science that comes from the answer to the question, it is possible to make a technological discovery of a system that is obtained through the analysis of its structure and function. In this paper, we have investigated the process of demolition of a post tensional segmental bridge using reverse engineering, in which we find the exact application of reverse engineering in the demolition of such structures. Despite the importance of the demolition issue, no regulations have been drafted for it in the country to date, and some foreign regulations have paid more attention to protection and safety during the demolition and have given less talk about the plan, details and methods of demolition. In this research, we have tried to collect some of the relevant regulations in the world in this field and one of the best ways of demolition base on data gathered will proposed.


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